Closing Out the Month

From the cabinet to the closet on All Hallow's Eve

I haven't felt too compelled to post entries in this blog the last week or two because it's seemed to me that history was taking its justifiable course. Bush's polls are way down, popular support for the Iraq war has faded, and maybe even those who believe a man from the heavens will come to offer us salvation are starting to doubt the sincerity of this son-of-a-Bush. But I think an overview remains in order. So let's start with Harriet Miers.

Get Me a Scalia!
When John Kerry changes his mind, it is a flip-flop. When George Bush does it, it's a shrewd political move. Riiiiiiiight. It wasn't two days before Miers was withdrawn that this Imperial President said he would never withdraw the nomination (a sure sign he was about to). Well, technically he didn't. He most likely whispered it in someone's ear, who whispered it into Ms. Miers cross. I think this was the same way the administration got their intelligence on Iraq--playing telephone. Anyway, we can only conclude that, before he chose Miers, someone said to him, "we need a woman judge to replace Sandra Day O'Connor." So, Bush's brain grasped onto woman and judge, which--to him--is probably the same as a lawyer (or law clerk or anyone who talks the big words) and he looked down the hall and, lo and behold. His personal counsel. But the conservatives didn't like her, and the next whispering was "Get someone like Judge Scalia." Hmmm, Bush's brain says. Judge. Man. Italian. He tried spelling Scalia backwards and got Ailacs. Almost but no cigar. Then he had someone on Cheney's staff do a computer search (probably using for Scalia and came up with Alito. Of course, with his laser-like focus on details, Bush forgot that he was originally aiming for a "minority" and/or perhaps a woman to fill O'Connor's seat. Well, likely to the white brotherhood of Bush, Italians ARE a minority. But hopefully, since he didn't pick a woman, he won't get any from Laura for a couple of weeks.

I don't know why the Prez wasn't advised to pick an Italian woman--there are plenty that I wouldn't mind seeing on the Court. Annabelle Sciorra. Carla Gugino. Madonna (Cicone). Even Ciccoletta. (Sorry, I cannot find the name of the ex-prostitute who keeps running for Italian government. If anyone knows that, please use the Comment link?) Heck, they're all as experienced as Harriet Miers and way easier on the eyes.

We won't even get into the politics of this new nominee--at least not today. You gets what you pays for. All those who elected Bush in 2004 should have known abortion would be headed back into the back alleys.

Oh, Scooter????
People who know me have been curious about my take on the Scooter Libby thing. It's actually so simple, I haven't bothered to blog about it. I went to a below-par Ivy league school. I won't get into why I went there, but I was classmates with people named Scooter, Biff, Buffy, Muffy, Morgan, Winthrop, and so on. So my opinion is that anyone named Scooter who has such political power should be indicted just for continuing to use the name Scooter. People like that shouldn't be running the country. Hell, I don't even like it when people call me Scotty (unless it has "Cousin" in front of it). Imagine being a Scooter. Absurd opinion, I know, but absurd times call for absurd opinions.

Roving Charges
Some Democratic (let's just change the name of the party to "castrado") congresspeople are calling for the resignation of Karl Rove, and apologies--at the least--from Dick Cheney. Which just shows how out of touch Democrats really are. I suspect that if Cheney hit an old blind woman sitting on a park bench with his SUV, he would not only not apologize, he would get his political staff to spin it into her fault. And Rove resign? It's more likely that Bush would resign, and Rove and Cheney stay on! Get real, Castradocrats!

Remember Iraq?
I do wonder, however, about all these issues and whether they are meant to distract the American public. Iraq is not getting any better. October has been another deadly month with 92 Americans lost. And still no exit strategy, timetable--and, of course, no valid reason to be there, which is the real story behind the Scooter pie indictment. Bill Clinton, hell, even Richard Nixon, got impeached (well, Nixon left office voluntarily) for much less than the unjustified death of 2000.

Got Gas?
And then there are the record gas profits. While gas companies were whining about short supplies, and the price at the pump was jacked up to over $3.00/gal, the real story has come in. Exxon Mobil reaped (or shall we say raped) a record profit of almost ten billion dollars for three months. Well, anyone surprised that the Texas-based oil firm is pillaging and plundering our personal pockets isn't reading this blog anyway. Again, you gets what you pays for when you elect an oil president.

Full Speed A Head Mr. Sulu
And, finally, on Halloween, when we all get to dress up, I couldn't let George Takai's coming out go unnoticed--Trek fan that I am. I first surmised his proclivity in an early episode of Star Trek, or maybe it was one of the movies, where he was wearing a cape and waving a sword and "swashbuckling." Since he was promoted to Captain in the films, I think that makes him the first gay Starship Captain, though a lot of us did wonder about Jean-Luc Picard at first. Merely French (with an English accent?). But if goes Sulu, I suspect there goes Mr. Chekov, too. I've always thought there was something going on with those two guys. Actually, to be serious, more power to Mr. Takai for being courageous. Myself, I'm into Pon Far.

Now if Shatner would only admit he wears a toupee.

Happy Holloweenie!

Posted: Mon - October 31, 2005 at 10:49 AM