Remember Me?

Checking in after an extended blogging silence

Hi there friends,

It has been something like three and 1/3 years since I've written something here. A number of reasons. Firstly, I wind up keeping myself too damn busy--simply so I don't get bored, which I easily do. If I had been born in the '70s, instead of over half a century ago, I would have been diagnosed with ADD. So now, at this age, I have ADD and a lack of motivation. What a combination! :)

Anyway, let me see if I can recap what's happened over the last three years--as if anyone cares. I was proud to be involved in a number of books--publishing projects--for Sterling Publishing of NY. The largest and most interesting of them were Canyon of Dreams and Record Store Days . Both of these beautiful hard-cover books have been available at Barnes & Noble and Amazon, and "paperback" versions are expected this fall. I have been involved in publishing for something like 33 years and can do it with my eyes closed. Which I often do.

My last blog mourned the passing of my then-dog Cosmo. These days, I have two faithful sheltie companions, Pacey and Tucker... one is an angel and one is a devil, and both are a joy.

In that time (three years and two days ago), I also lost my best childhood friend, Alan Chapin. I opted not to write a blog about losing Alan. He will live on in our memories, I noted my thoughts to his loved ones and some other friends, and I will just say that I will always remember the 40-someodd years we knew each other.

Since the last time I wrote, my local music website, AshlandLiveMusic has taken over about a quarter of my time and has become a go-to resource for the Southern Oregon music scene. I have been very gratified by that, if not a bit overextended by it. But it has allowed me to get to know many great people in the musical community. And though I "retired from journalism" about --30-- years ago, I occasionally write a music column for the local monthly alternative newspaper, Sneak Preview, which I greatly enjoy.

And that set me on the path of finally getting up the guts to start my own band. The last band I was in for more than a couple of weeks was Smatter --with my college friends--back in 1977! A couple of impromptu reunions of that band encouraged me to play publicly here in Ashland. In some part it was because I knew the local musicians and felt comfortable finally performing my original music. There are some very good bands in this area. And, also, a couple of bad ones, and, in truth, it was one of the bad ones that made me think, "heck, I can do that!" (play badly). But I was very lucky to assemble some top-notch and very nice musical friends of mine, and the result is Wine Without Reason. Before forming any sort of band, I had a mental list of places I wanted to perform around here. I can, with modesty, say that in the course of our almost-year together, we have performed at every one of them, including The Britt--that one thanks to a new smaller stage for local acts. Someday we hope to hit the big stage there, though. We've enjoyed playing almost every winery that hosts music, and look forward to returning to most of those next summer, and also to some of our favorite local venues, including Alex's in Ashland, later this season.

I guess I also stopped blogging because in that time, everybody and their mother has taken to the internet to jabber. I felt--and still feel--I have nothing much to add that hasn't been said elsewhere. The politics in this country are a nightmare and I grew tired of political discourses that are given thumbs-up by the like-minded and get mixed into the trillions of words that fly though the Internet. Does it all make a difference? Maybe. Blogging has now turned into social networking. Every thought, burp, and fart are documented on Facebook and Twitter and I have vowed I will not tweet. Facebook friends are subject to my random cynical comments and that takes a lot less work than actually composing a blog!

The three years have flown. I cannot by any stretch of the imagination believe I am 55. The summer has also flown but it has been one of the most memorable in a long time, thanks to music and friends.

And to I will sign off and maybe return in blog form sometime again. You're better off checking my Facebook page for my random thoughts and event updates.

Until next time muchachos and muchachas, vaya con amigos, amor, musica y vino!

Posted: Tue - September 13, 2011 at 12:24 PM